Legacy Products

Customers looking for dmClub's legacy products will find them on the previous version of the dmClub site.

Inbound Numbering - services that come with a telephone number

dmConnect Classic

A UK phone number (Geographic and Non-Geographic ranges available)

  • Simple nailed forwarding to PSTN, VoIP trunk (SIP/IAX2)

dmVoice Classic

A business number capable of hunting and voicemail

  • Forwarding to PSTN
  • Hunting (Mobile, Work, Home)
  • Voicemail to email (WAV, MP3)
  • Voicemail pickup by phone
  • Notification

dmFax Classic

Virtual Fax machine - Your own fax number without having to have a line. Faxes are usually forwarded to you as emails with image attachments.

  • Forwarding to PSTN
  • Hunting (Mobile, Work, Home)
  • Fax reception with configurable ID
  • Faxmail to email (PDF, TIFF, DCX)
  • Notification

dmSwitchboard Classic

A virtual front-end phone number including IVR menus, info depts, basic teams. Not suitable for outbound calls.

  • Wizard Setup
  • Reception
  • Simple Teams
  • Voicemail
  • Robot voice
  • Uploadable prompts

Outbound Services - services capable of placing outbound phone calls

dmCalls Classic

An outbound calling service

  • Voice-Activated Dialling
  • Personal Address Book
  • Smart Memories
  • Web Control

Human Services - services involving participation of a human being


A human message-taking service that gets messages where simple voicemail might get a hang-up.

  • Configurable call scripts
  • 24x7 answering
  • UK call centres
  • Notifications by email and/or text message
  • Full call records


Let our voiceover artist record prompts for your switchboard, dmSwitchboard12 or dmConnect12 service. Gives your callers a very professional impression.

  • Choice of accents/feels
  • Includes setup of your service

Other Services - services not fitting into any other category


Inbound Conferencing

  • Subscription-free conferencing
  • Book rooms in advance
  • Up to 20 participants